Why Does Your Wholesale Business Need An eCommerce Site?

Wholesale eCommerce is gaining popularity as more conventional business-to-business (B2B) enterprises migrate to the web. This article will talk about the contemporary B2B buyer, the benefits of wholesale eCommerce, and what to look for in a wholesale eCommerce platform.

The truth is that businesses of all sizes and types must be online. As a store, for example, merchants must establish online exposure to increase eCommerce sales, customer attention, and brand awareness. However, merchants do not gain only from these benefits. Wholesalers, too, have significant potential when it comes to online positioning, particularly when it comes to eCommerce endeavours.

According to Forrester's research, "digital business transformation will take place at scale in 2018 – in organizational structure, operational models, and discussions of platforms." It is no longer viable to disregard the constraints of legacy; businesses must digitize their basic operations, bringing agility and flexibility to the core, and 2018 was the year that process began in earnest."

In other words, wholesalers must be prepared to provide the same degree of customer support as retailers. To do this, you must have an eCommerce presence to match the other channels through which you market your brands, such as trade exhibitions and social media. To assist, consider the following five ways that incorporating eCommerce can help speed your wholesale business.

1. Consistent Buyer Interaction

Between trade shows, many wholesalers drop the ball on buyer relations, missing out on opportunities to communicate with their retailers. While many businesses include email marketing in their sales tactics to keep connected with customers, this is not a constant or successful method of increasing consumer connection. However, eCommerce enables wholesalers to offer a 24/7 online catalog, which may keep customers engaged and interested in items between exhibitions, as well as assist develop buzz for new products. An extra benefit? Additionally, this can increase orders, which any wholesaler will welcome.

2. Create Space for Mobile Browsing

Retailers are increasingly expecting wholesalers to deliver the ease and consistency associated with an internet business. Interestingly, 3 in 5 consumers make purchases via their cell phones, and merchants frequently follow suit with their inventory purchases. Buyers are frequently on the go, which means they want remote access to wholesale product catalogs to browse and reorder between shows. By providing buyers with mobile access to your online catalog, you can effortlessly satisfy store preferences while maintaining a competitive edge for your wholesale firm.

3. Potential for Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Multiple wholesalers are opting to bypass the intermediary in favor of direct-to-consumer web sales. Wholesalers accomplish this by developing an online component that enables them to simply add a direct-to-consumer component to their wholesale business. Even if you do not wish to sell directly to customers, you may enhance your brand's visibility. Thus, adding an eCommerce component allows a larger pool of prospective purchasers to view your products. To bolster this assertion, The Balance adds that "it is evident that buyers are eager to seek out extremely precise things to fit their requirements and interests." Keeping this in mind, ensure that your items are visible.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Want to reduce your company's overhead expenses? Consider how adding a successful eCommerce business might help minimize the size or remove the need for a physical showroom or warehouse. With the correct website design, you can give buyers interactive experiences that allow them to browse your inventory and choose what is appropriate for their businesses. Additionally, consider how generating marketing videos for your items and permitting reviews might assist potential online consumers to feel more secure about placing an order for your eCommerce merchandise.

5. Expand Promotional Possibilities

Do you post photographs of your products on social media with your customers? If not, is it because you lack the appropriate product photographs to publish or because the images are not uploaded to your computer? This issue can simply be resolved through the use of an online wholesale operation. With eCommerce, you can easily download and stream any picture to social media from your online inventory, simplifying social media management and email blast creation. This facilitates and streamlines business processes – further demonstrating why establishing an online firm simplifies product advertising. What's the best part? Additionally, it frees up your time to focus on other critical tasks such as developing connections with buyers and managing customer service.

6. Save time for the Sales Representatives

Sales representatives spend the majority of their time responding to consumer inquiries. These inquiries range from product expertise to simple inquiries about what is in stock, accurate price, current promotions, and the status of their order. Sales professionals spend their time serving as customer service reps. An ecommerce platform enables retailers to readily access all of this information. Sales representatives might employ this period to expand market share and serve as a growth partner instead of spending time in dealing with retailer's enquires which can be easily resolved.

Sales representatives spend much of their time answering customer questions. These questions range from providing product knowledge to answering basic questions such as what is in stock, correct pricing, current promotions and the status of their order. Sales representatives are spending their time acting as customer service. An ecommerce platform can help retailers easily access all this information from an ecommerce platform. Sales representatives can use this time to increase market share and being a partner for growth


It is a digital world, and buyers have come to expect wholesalers to treat them the same way they treat their retail consumers. By establishing an eCommerce presence, you may attract customers and gain a competitive edge between trade shows – capitalizing on the potential to optimize revenue and sustain your wholesale company every year.